La Posta - Redactam o scrisoare - Scriem cuiva drag / unui prieten / unei prietene si Mergem sa cumparam plic si timbre s-o Expediem

At the post office- We write a letter- we write to someone we care about / a friend and we go buy an envelope and stamps and we send the letter
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a. Raspundeti cu Adevarat sau Fals la urmatoarele întrebari :
a. Answer the following questions with True or False:

1. Radu vrea sa expedieze o scrisoare in Statele Unite.
1. Ray wants to send a letter to the US.

2. Functionara il pune sa completeze un formular tip.
2. The postal clerk asks him to fill in a standard form.

3. Scrisoarea pe care Radu vrea s-o trimita in strainatate este cantarita.
3. The letter that Ray wants to send overseas is weighed.

4. Radu vrea sa plateasca factura de energie.
4. Ray wants to pay the electric bill.

5. El alege sa trimita scrisoarea in regim normal.
5. He chooses to send his letter by land mail.

b. Tradu diaogul in limba engleza cu ajutorul dictionarului si :
b. Using the dictionary, translate into Romanian the dialogue and:

1. scoateti cuvintele si expresiile noi.
1. write down the new words and expressions.

2. alcatuiti cate o propozitie cu fiecare din ele.
2. Make sentences using each one of them.

3. verifica traducerea facuta de tine cu traducerea oficiala.
3. Compare your translation with the official translation.

4. gaseste cate 2 sinonime si antonime pentru cuvintele noi.
4. Find 2 synonyms and 2 antonyms for each of the new words.

c. Mai este util sa trimiti scrisori prin posta in ziua de azi? Cand ai trimis ultima scrisoare prin posta? De ce ai trimite o scrisoare prin posta traditionala si nu prin email?
c. Is there any use in sending letters by mail nowadays?When did you send the last letter by mail? Why would you send a letter by mail instead of an e-mail?

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