Trupa de Muzica - Sa cumparam o chitara pentru a canta

The Music band

Dialog Audio
”Hello, Tom. What are you doing?”
”Hi, Rachel. Nothing... I was just admiring a guitar. Mine got broken.”
”I didn't know you can play the guitar. ”
”Yes, I do. We were supposed to play this Saturday in a coffee house.”
”Really? So, do you have a band and all that stuff?”
”Yes, we are three boys. One of the others sings and one plays the drums.
We are very keen in making quality music.
”So, are you composers, too?”
”Yeah, people say we are very good at that.”
”That's nice. I'd like to hear you out once. ”
”That would be wonderful. It's just that now I don't have a guitar.”
”Let's enter the store. My aunt owns it. Maybe she'll accept a rate payment.”
”Cool! Let's go inside, then.”

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