O Seara la Restaurant - Sarabatorim un eveniment important printr-o iesire la un Restaurant

An Evening at the Restaurant

Dialog Audio
”Good evening, sir. Welcome to the DoveTail Restaurant. Would you like to order something?”
”Yes, but I'll wait just a few more minutes. I'm expecting someone.”
”As you wish. And the wine, should I bring it later, too?”
”No, I'd like it now. A bottle of Chardonnay, please.”
”Right away.”

”Hey. Sorry I'm late. How is it going?”
”It's all right. Take a seat. Are you OK?”
”Yeah, sure. Should we order?”
”Of course. I didn't order yet. I didn't know what you would have.”
”Let's find out. Can you pass me a menu, please?”
”Here it is. I'll take a steak. I heard it's their speciality.”
”Oh, OK. Let's have one, then, and a salad.”

”May I take your order now?”
”We'll have a steak and a salad for the lady and for me an extra-large steak.”
”And what would you like to drink?”
”I'll have a water.”
”For me, the wine is enough. Thank you.”
”I'll be with you in a moment.”

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