La Gradina Zoologica - Mergem cu familia sa admiram animalele

At the Zoo

Dialog Audio
”Hi, Johanna. How are you? Long time no see.
”Unfortunately, that is true. I'm fine, thanks. I have been really busy. And now, I took a break and came to the Zoo to calm down a little. You know that this magnificent view had always a good influence on me.”
”Yes, that's right. I think animals have this power on people. I'm here with my sister and my little niece. She's here to marvel at the creatures God let on Earth.”
”Oh, that's sweet! Did you show her the deer's babies?”
”Yes, she saw them. They're so cute. And she saw the monkeys, too. A mother was cleaning up her baby and made her ask so many questions... She knows now that animals, too, have parents and brothers and sisters, that they live in families and every mother loves and takes care of her babies. She was so precious asking all that stuff...”
”I imagine animals were stunning, too. Who could not like a place like this?”
”In fact, we bring her here once a week. After kindergarten she's always asking if we may go see the lions.”
”She's not afraid of them?”
”Not really. She understands that they're trapped in cages and that she's not safe too close to them, but she would spend hours to see them walking around as royal as they are.”
”They are elegant creatures, that's true, but they're so dangerous!”
”So is that huge bear. It is her delight to see the bear stand up. She's so curious and observant that the fear is just out of the question.”
”She will be a bright student. She's smart already.”
”Yes, she is. Look, she is that little girl over there. Do you want to say hi?”
”I'm sorry. Maybe some other time. I'll just wave at her. I really need to go. Excuse me, Monica.”
”That's OK. Bye, then, and call me some day. Maybe we go out together.”
”Sure. That would be nice. Bye!”

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