Salutam si Intrebam de Sanatate - Transmitem Salutari Familiei

Greetings and Health related questions

Dialog Audio
”Good afternoon, Mr. Smith!”
”Hi, Mark. How are you today?”
”I'm fine, thank you. And you?”
”I'm ok, too. I heard you were sick. Are you feeling better?”
”Yes, I caught cold but I'm fine now. My mom took care of me.”
”I'm very happy to hear that. And your mother, is she all right, too?”
”Yes, she's doing well. In fact, she asked me to say hello for her to Mrs Smith. Could you please send her our respects?”
”Sure. I'll tell her you asked. You have our home number, right? I remember my wife telling me she needed to have a chat with your mother these days.”
”Yes. I'll tell my mom to give her a call when I get home.”
”OK. That's perfect. Send her my best wishes. I need to go now, Mark. We have a meeting.”
”Well, good luck! And have a good day, sir.”
”You too, Mark. Bye.”

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