Despre Familie si Studii - Prezentam altor persoane rudele noastre

About Family and Studies

Dialog Audio
”Hi, Jan. This is my brother, Mike.”
”Hi, Mike. Nice to meet you. You know, Ben, my cousin's name is Mike, also. He's in London now. My aunt and uncle wanted him to study there. He is my best friend though we speak once a week.”
”What does he study there?”
”Economics and Political Science...or something like that.”
”I'd like to go visit that college one day.”
”Maybe we'll go there, Ben. Let me talk with him first and then we can get ready for a trip to London.”
”We'll need to discuss that with our parents, first, but I don't think there will be any problem.”
”Our father is a little more exigent. But there is the two of us against a single man.”
”OK. For me, there is no inconvenient. They know me and my cousin are inseparable. Besides, our grandmother is there. Keep in touch for the date, then.”
”Sure. We'll be waiting for your call.”

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