Cu Pisica la Doctorul Veterinar - Ducem o pisica ranita de pe strada la Medic

Take a Cat to the Vet

Dialog Audio
”Hey, Jana, look! There is a kitten down there.”
”You're right. Let's go to it. Maybe it's hungry.”
”Hello, kitten, what are you doing here? Oh, it licks my hand! How cute you are!”
”It is really sweet. Oh, it meouws. I think it needs something to eat.”
”Do you want some yoghurt and a cookie?”
”Look, it licks the cookie!”
”Come on, the yoghurt, too...”
”What pretty eyes you got! And that little nose!”
”I love its fur. Do you want to come with us?”
”I think it can't walk. It has an injured leg. Or maybe it's the paw.”
”You know, Rebecca, I'll take it home to see what mom can do for it. She's a doctor, but maybe she knows something about animals, too.”
”I hope she does. Let's go.”

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