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Nick: ”Hello, Alice!”
Alice: ”Oh, hi, Nick. How are you?”
Nick: ”I'm OK, thanks. I want you to meet my brother, Sam.”
Alice: ”Hi, Sam. Nice to meet you. I'm Alice, your brother's classmate.”
Sam: ”Nice meeting you, too, Alice. I heard many things about you.”
Alice: ”Oh, really? Good things or bad things?”
Nick: ”Both of them.” (He laughs.)
Alice: ”So, how old are you, Sam?”
Sam: ”I'm 17 years old. I'm in high school.”
Nick: ”He is in the football team. He's their goalkeeper and he's doing really well. Do you want to go see him playing once?”
Alice: ”Sure. I don't really like football, but I can watch.”
Sam: ”As for me, I enjoy every second I spend on the football field. But, what do you like, Alice?”
Alice: ”Well, let's say... shopping.” (They all laugh.)
Sam: ”What girl doesn't like shopping or ice cream? What else?”
Alice: ”I like reading. I love literature, or rather, poetry.”
Nick: ”You know, Sam, Alice is writing articles for our school magazine. She is really smart.”
Sam: ”We all three are. So, I should go. We need to start training for the Saturday match.”
Alice: ”OK. Then, maybe we'll meet again on Saturday.”
Sam: ”Sure, I'd like to see you two there. Take care of you.”
Nick: ”You too, Sam. Do your best on that field.”
Sam: ”I'll do that. Bye.”
Alice: ”Bye, Sam! (towards Nick) You never said you have a brother.”

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